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Julho 20, 2016


Whispered the fresh wind at the end of this summer afternoon, And the clear sky is already showing the moon in all its exuberance, Yet in my chest an emptiness and a commotion, What is it that troubles me so much? The world and its greed. I saw on the news a hungry child on […]

The Word

Abril 27, 2016


Incarnated divine Word you were among us! We men and women of unclean lips, And desperately in need of you. Incarnated divine Word you were among us! We walked in darkness, But in your compassion you made your light shine upon us. Incarnated divine Word you were among us! We ragged slaves, evil prisoners and […]


Fevereiro 20, 2016


  Oh, poets, If the world read your verses! What a peace, What a tenderness, What a harmony. Humanity would finally be one. by Luis A R Branco CONHEÇA E ADQUIRA OS LIVRO DE LUIS A R BRANCO CLICANDO NUM DOS LINKS ABAIXO: iTunes Google Play Books Livraria Saraiva Livraria Cultura Clube de Autores Amazon Barnes & […]


Março 28, 2015


I was born a child, although I had lived as an adult since my childhood. I was young, but I had matured so early that barely saw my youth pass. I was an adult, although I had lived as if I was carrying on my back the weight of the years. I became old, although […]

The last taste of yours

Março 20, 2015


That moonlit night so long ago, We said goodbye. In the last instant, My eyes met yours. A distant look, A cold hand. An indifference, A lonely road. At the end of the road, I could do not see even a shadow of yours. I was left alone with the moon, And with a longing […]


Fevereiro 5, 2015


Norway of my enchantment, Your beauty spreads everywhere. Your people, brave warriors, Since ancient times traveled the world. Your beautiful fjords for us seem chimerical, So much beauty in a country with cunning worthiness. You were not always plentiful, but you’ve always been beautiful, Your honest people with high values built this country as Thor […]


Janeiro 26, 2015


Beauty does not have color, size or status. Beauty is not created, duplicated nor falsified. Beauty does not have a voice, no smell and no waddle. Beauty is ageless, never gets older or younger. Beauty is not ephemeral. It doesn’t last only one night or one day. Beauty is not asleep, not mourned or resuscitated […]