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Islam: is it truly a religion of peace?

Junho 13, 2016


With so many atrocities perpetrated by extremist Muslims, bothers me the attitude of Islamic leaders, in fact scares me out the way conceal the truth about the Koran and impresses me the way in which they contradict their speech and religious practices. Whenever there is an attack like what occurred in the United States, which […]


Março 28, 2016


   When we think of John’s letters in which Jesus is called by the Evangelist of the Word, and that Word was God, we are awakened to an impressive reality in which Jesus not only had the Word of God, but he was the very Word of God. In this way all that came out […]

Response to Pascal Boyer on Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought

Março 6, 2016


Book presentation: Many of our questions about religion, says renowned anthropologist Pascal Boyer, are no longer mysteries. We are beginning to know how to answer questions such as “Why do people have religion?” Using findings from anthropology, cognitive science, linguistics, and evolutionary biology, Religion Explained shows how this aspect of human consciousness is increasingly admissible […]


Fevereiro 20, 2016


  Oh, poets, If the world read your verses! What a peace, What a tenderness, What a harmony. Humanity would finally be one. by Luis A R Branco CONHEÇA E ADQUIRA OS LIVRO DE LUIS A R BRANCO CLICANDO NUM DOS LINKS ABAIXO: iTunes Google Play Books Livraria Saraiva Livraria Cultura Clube de Autores Amazon Barnes & […]


Abril 3, 2015


   I’ve been using HootSuite quite a long time. It is in my judgment the best Twitter app available for iOS. There are few unique reasons that make me choose HootSuite over the other Twitter apps. It has not only the best Twitter app for scheduling messages, but it is the only one that actually […]


Abril 2, 2015


   When I heard about the Unifiedinbox for the first time I became very curious about what this app developers were trying to active. I sign-up for permission to use it’s beta version and waited for a while untill a finally get it. It is a revolutionary application that combines emails and social networks in […]

My publications 

Março 29, 2015


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