The last taste of yours

That moonlit night so long ago,
We said goodbye.
In the last instant,
My eyes met yours.

A distant look,
A cold hand.
An indifference,
A lonely road.

At the end of the road,
I could do not see even a shadow of yours.
I was left alone with the moon,
And with a longing in my chest.

I dry swallowed,
The last taste of yours.
I walked on the cobblestones,
Hearing my own steps.

It was a goodbye of no return.
You to your side,
And I in mine.
How could I live without your perfume?

Ended the road,
Ended my tears.
The longing is drained,
The only thing left is a vague remembrance that one day I was yours.


P.S. This poem is the English edition of the original written in Portuguese. I did my best to translate it and still bring some of the beauty of the Portuguese version, but somehow it doesn´t sound as good. Please, forgive my limitation.

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