When we think of John’s letters in which Jesus is called by the Evangelist of the Word, and that Word was God, we are awakened to an impressive reality in which Jesus not only had the Word of God, but he was the very Word of God. In this way all that came out of his mouth or was touched by his hands had to mandatorily to bow to the reality of his omnipotence. And no one except Christ lived this reality, for example, if Krishna had met with the widow of Nain on the way to the cemetery, he probably would have told her, according to the Gita: “Women do not cry, because the self never dies because it is immortal.” If Buddha had found her would have said: “Women do not cry because the existence and evil are the same thing, cut the root of desire, even for those who died, then you will enter the Nirvana, a place devoid of desires..” If Muhammad had found her possibly he would have said: “Women do not cry because this is the will of Allah and you need to submit to it.” But when Jesus Christ found the widow he said to her dead son: “Young man, I say to you: get up!” And he rose from the dead. This is the self-authentication of Jesus Christ of his divine nature, which no one can recreate. With Jesus people not just heard the good news, they saw it! 

~ Luis A R, Branco


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