My withdrawal from the Society of Christian Philosophers

Posted on 14 de Dezembro de 2015



 To whom it may concern, 

I have received the forms for renewing my membership in this society, however, I have decided for not renewing it any longer. 

I have sent a paper for publishing at the society’s journal, but it was refused. According to the reply I received my report wasn’t a kind of paper you would publish due to lack of accuracy. Despite the rejection by this society, my paper was brought out as an essay. 

I realized that the reason for not publishing it was linked up to the subject, homosexuality, I will suppose that this society was not interested in talking about this subject in order of not offending anyone. My text was Bible based, but not offensive to anyone. 

I would rather prefer a society with is non-Christian, but open to discussing the issue than to a society that keeping publishing subjects of little help.

Dr. Luis Alexandre Ribeiro Branco, PhD
Portugal, December 14th, 2015.