Norway of my enchantment,
Your beauty spreads everywhere.
Your people, brave warriors,
Since ancient times traveled the world.

Your beautiful fjords for us seem chimerical,
So much beauty in a country with cunning worthiness.
You were not always plentiful, but you’ve always been beautiful,
Your honest people with high values built this country as Thor with his mallet.

May the world learned from you the value of integrity,
And so it will be a fortune to be a part of society.
I long for your forests, lakes and your cold wind,
While waiting with anxiety for your spring and your lily.

Norway so beautiful like a fine painting,
So is your euphonious melody played by Grieg.
On May 17th you show accomplishments,
Not with weapons, but with blooms and the colors of your bunad.

by Luis A R Branco

P.S. This poem is the English edition of the original written in Portuguese. I did my best to translate it and still bring some of the beauty of the Portuguese version, but somehow it doesn´t sound as good. Please, forgive my limitation.

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