God is good

Extracted from Google Images

Extracted from Google Images

Unfortunately, one of the prosperity gospel damage or the theology of faith adopted by different Christian groups made many lose their hope in God’s goodness. Christians no longer ask for something to god in prayer with faith in the goodness of their beloved Father, but with uncertainty and insecurity if God indeed will answer or if they should just stop asking and let “God’s will be done.”

The will of God will always be carried out, especially in those who seek to live for his glory, however, this cannot serve as the excuse for unbelief in prayer. I am not suggesting that we should enter the paths of the above theologies, but we should pray and ask God in faith that he performs what only he can do.

The answer and the miracle are in God’s hands, but pray, cry and the search for the grace and mercy of the Lord are up to us. I am sure that God is good (Ps 85:15) and in his goodness he finds joy in answering the prayers of his children. Of course, we must seek in prayer what pleases God. It is even possible that God decides not to meet my request or even in the way i want, but this is something beyond my knowledge, so I will pray based on what I know, and what I know is that God is good and his ears are attentive to my cry.

by Luis A R Branco

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