Beauty does not have color, size or status.
Beauty is not created, duplicated nor falsified.
Beauty does not have a voice, no smell and no waddle.
Beauty is ageless, never gets older or younger.
Beauty is not ephemeral. It doesn’t last only one night or one day.
Beauty is not asleep, not mourned or resuscitated with a kiss of an ordinary prince.
Beauty is simplicity, is the simplicity is the woman.
Beauty is what my eyes can do not see what, but feels my heart.
Beauty are you to me, like this, without taking anything away from you.
Beauty is the inner being, radiant, sincere and without fear of life.
Beauty is the courage to face the years, wrinkles, gray hair without fear of been ceased to be loved.
Beauty is our walk together hand in hand till the day we stop being and hereafter return to be all that we were, beautiful, perfect, belonging to each other eternally.

by Luis A R Branco

My new book:


A number of years ago I learned to love poetry. I started with the simple curiosity of reading a couple of them and I fell in love. I started reading all kinds of poetry I could find and slowly I started to understand my taste for some styles and poets. Later I started writing my own poems and the first of them was “A Paixão”, that for some reason have not been translated yet in English, but it is a beautiful poem.

I see myself not as a genuine poet and I cannot find a proper word to define my style. I just let poetry to fill me up with its own beauty and I put it down on the paper. I try to follow the rules of a fitting poem, but some times it simply doesn’t work, but I still have the feeling that I should write it, and I do so.

Therefore I present to you with all my love and respect my English collection of poems. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Luis A R Branco

Lisbon, Fall, 2014

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