Passion is the hottest way to love.
It is the flame that burns inside and moves the quietest man.
Passion is the courage to face all the dangers to be here with you.
It is a willingness to go all distances to cast me into your arms.

Passion is this pain that agonizes me while I’m away from you.
It is the ineffable pleasure which I can only find with you at my side.
Passion is the joy of listening to your voice.
It’s sorrow to have you go.

Passion is the insatiable desire to have you.
It is fully given myself to you.
Passion is scrutinizing your body with detail.
And need to know all the details of your being.

Passion is the talk uninhibited.
It shows how you are important to me.
Passion is to be unadorned so that you can be special.
It is to wish you well.

Passion is facing all the sacrifices in a search of a smile of yours.
It is to fight to win your love.
Passion is feeling poor away from you.
It is to feel noble when I’m by your side.

Passion is look in your eyes and see happiness.
It is hearing your voice and tremble with desire.
Passion is feeling your touch and discovers the pleasure.
It is never let you go away from me.

Passion is the rediscovery of life.
It is a high reason to live.
Passion is always wanting you.
It is to say that without you I can no longer live.

by Luis A R Branco

My new book:


A number of years ago I learned to love poetry. I started with the simple curiosity of reading a couple of them and I fell in love. I started reading all kinds of poetry I could find and slowly I started to understand my taste for some styles and poets. Later I started writing my own poems and the first of them was “A Paixão”, that for some reason have not been translated yet in English, but it is a beautiful poem.

I see myself not as a genuine poet and I cannot find a proper word to define my style. I just let poetry to fill me up with its own beauty and I put it down on the paper. I try to follow the rules of a fitting poem, but some times it simply doesn’t work, but I still have the feeling that I should write it, and I do so.

Therefore I present to you with all my love and respect my English collection of poems. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Luis A R Branco

Lisbon, Fall, 2014

Buy now at any major online store:


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