IMG_4225.JPGSitting in my safe world, I had before me a window.
An old window with its glass already old by the time and with some grime.
With my eyes fixated on this single light source and connection to the outside world, I wonder: – What’s out there?
My fleeting thoughts at once tried to respond: – There is life!
But my thoughts weren’t one or unanimous, instead another thought asks: – But in here also there is no life?
When they eventually got to an agreement they said: – There is life on both sides of the window!
But a thought that until now was quiet asked: – Lives that are equal or different?
In researching for the answer all my thoughts were talking at the same time taking me to a lot of confusion and fear.
After a long discussion, they concurred that there is life on both sides of the window, but they are different lives and so they came up with a list of the differences of life out there compared with life inside. Listed all: cold, warmth, rain, shelter, comfort, discomfort, security, insecurity, food, hunger, and so were bringing out all the differences.
It was then that my mind’s unconscious that dark part where is hidden the most wicked thoughts, we heard a voice saying: – FEAR.
And, all other thoughts were silent, and the word fear echoed for hours in my frightened mind, until I realized that just as life, fear also lives on both sides of the window.

by Luis A R Branco

My new book:


A number of years ago I learned to love poetry. I started with the simple curiosity of reading a couple of them and I fell in love. I started reading all kinds of poetry I could find and slowly I started to understand my taste for some styles and poets. Later I started writing my own poems and the first of them was “A Paixão”, that for some reason have not been translated yet in English, but it is a beautiful poem.

I see myself not as a genuine poet and I cannot find a proper word to define my style. I just let poetry fill me up with its own beauty and I put it down on the paper. I try to follow the rules of a fitting poem, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work, but I still have the feeling that I should write it, and I do so.

Therefore, I present to you with all my love and respect my English collection of poems. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Luis A R Branco

Lisbon, Fall, 2014

Buy now at any major online store:


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