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As you may know that I am a self-publishing author. I have published three books with three different publishers and it cost me lots of money and no return at the end, therefore I decided to do it alone, which is harder because of the work, but with the benefit of going straight to the readers. If you observe also, most of my stuff is offered here for free, with little exception. So you may ask: “Why should I buy any of his books if I can read it here for free?” The benefits will be more at your discretion, such as the convenience to take the book with you anywhere you go. Believe-me, reading poetry at the window or in the shade of a tree, or even on the sofa with a mug of tea or your bed is much more interesting. The poems are more than words. They require time, solitude and comfort to be able to work through us.

The reason I’m writing this is to ask you to consider buying any of my books or offering them to others. It will be really affordable for both sides. I am not interested in making money out my books, I have other means of living, but selling the book gives some value to my work, and believed me, take lots of work. The good news is that they are cheap books to buy, the average price of my books is $0.99 (ebooks) or $5.38 (paper back). I am at the lowest price possible!

I apologize for bothering you with this, but I needed it. You can help me too, by posting it on your Twitter, Facebook or blog. I am willing to offer you a free copy in exchange for a review at the book page at Amazon, Apple or Scribd (limited number).

Thank you,

by Luis A R Branco

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