Mondego River

Luis A R Branco

Luis A R Branco

I read poetry as those who read a prayer
In the search to find in it the comfort
That is what my soul longs for.
My soul lives frightened by the wind,
As a frightened sparrow By the strong wind.
In poetry I find peace,
The necessary word,
And the exhortation needed
For a rebellious soul.
Poetry removes me from this cold and insensitive world,
For a new dimension where feelings are living entities.
Poetry passes smoothly through my soul,
Just as the Mondego River goes silent,
Through the beautiful city of Coimbra.
Oh, poetic river, as well as the poetry you attract me to your shores!
Where I sit and contemplate your mirrored waters,
As a monk contemplates the sky.

by Luis A R Branco

My new book:


A number of years ago I learned to love poetry. I started with the simple curiosity of reading a couple of them and I fell in love. I started reading all kinds of poetry I could find and slowly I started to understand my taste for some styles and poets. Later I started writing my own poems and the first of them was “A Paixão”, that for some reason have not been translated yet in English, but it is a beautiful poem.

I see myself not as a genuine poet and I cannot find a proper word to define my style. I just let poetry fill me up with its own beauty and I put it down on the paper. I try to follow the rules of a fitting poem, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work, but I still have the feeling that I should write it, and I do so.

Therefore, I present to you with all my love and respect my English collection of poems. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Luis A R Branco

Lisbon, Fall, 2014

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