Simply words

Yearning for poetic verses,

But today they hid from me.

Nothing left, but a bunch of words.

Words without logic, no rhyme, no feelings, just words.

What can the poet do with words alone?


You need to give coherence logic, rhyme is needed to give musicality, feeling it takes to give life.

Just carrying words

I became a poet with empty soul,

If only words were enough, the dictionaries would be great anthologies,

But they are not.


Therefore, only with words,

No, I’m not a poet.

Today I am a needy soul,

Lacking in logic, devoid of music, devoid of feelings.

Poetry hid from me.


Without poetry I am an afflicted soul,

Without poetry I am a boring soul

Without poetry I am a soul destined to live alone even surrounded by words.

Poetry come back, come back to me!

Restore my joy of a poet making your logic, your rhyme and your feeling flourish within me.


by Luis A R Branco

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