My butterfly

The butterfly pinned I let it fly off.
In the beginning, it was still in a cocoon,
Patiently I waited for it to be transformed,
Soon after metamorphosis a beautiful butterfly
Came to cheer me up. Her wings were long and beautiful,
With strong, blue, black and yellowish colours.
My temptation was to go on her,
Pasting it in a cruel collector book,
But I resisted the temptation for its beauty and forgot the paper immediately.
Flew free and loose my butterfly
She flew upwards and then down.
She circled me three times lavishing lightness and beauty.
I cannot imprison you my butterfly
Giving you an end so cruel on a paper page. How can I keep such a beauty,
If I envy your flight and lightness?
Actually wanted to find a cocoon
And shelter me in it until your miracle happens with me.
But rather heavy, wingless and without transformation follow my fate dragging my feet on the soil.
Flew up high my butterfly Soon the trees ducked and disappeared from my sight,
Filling that time with your absence and beauty.
Thou shall never return my butterfly But, that does not count, knowing that you are free worth more to me than having you and your beauty as my prisoner.
In each meeting I have with a butterfly,
I live the same wonderful experience.
Flying as if the air were made of invisible stairs,
Where you jump from one level to another without stopping.
Making a beautiful image that there will not be anything equals.
Where are you oh my butterfly, you flew and do not come back?
Leaving me in a longing that never ceases.
Ephemeral longing is very distressing because there will never be a fulfilment to it.
Although in my body the wings and the thousand colours never appears,
My mind already flies with thoughts, delusions, neuroses and anxieties, as comfortably as the butterfly that I decided to release.

by Luis A R Branco

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