I always want to just abandon me like somebody who has lost all battles.
No, I do not mind being a looser,
I simply wish to be free from all anxiety and pain.

Throw myself shamelessly in green grass
Feel the touch in my skin from the limbs and flowers.
Feel the earth, the limitations of my fall and horror.

I want to abandon myself amid the undergrowth.
Feel the gentle blowing of the wind that touches the ground Have a tight view of ants and crickets that live in a macrocosm of a vain anonymity.
I want to descend in a free-fall like someone who just has to relinquish all the weapons.

I’m tired of fighting, there is so much force to apprehend,
Since that at the conclusion we all have lost for life.
I recognized that losing is inevitable,

But worse than losing is falling in not find joy in the fall.
I recognize that I sound crazy, but what does it matter? I want to reconcile myself to the fragility and the banality of life. Burn all my shirts with heroic phrases.
I bid to be surrendered to the emptiness and be at the disposal of all.

Gave up on the floor I want to be nameless,
There are so many who live without a name and are happy.
Be just another insignificant being sharing that space with ants and crickets.

I will delete all triumphalist
Adopting a simple vocabulary,
Change my Septuagint by a Vulgate.

Want to face the sun upright
Look at the blueprints of the clouds,
Contemplate the gentle flight of birds.

I want to immortalize this moment of abandonment,
Forget the hours and duties,
Feel truly light, as somebody who has nothing to lose or gain.

I want to feel for a moment as if I were the only one of my kind,
Without the worry of having to reply to others or explain anything.
And after redone, this beautiful waking dreams.

by Luis A R Branco

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