Homosexuality, God and the Bible (brief commentary)


In the book of Joshua we see an interesting narrative, it is not about homosexuality, but the message will help us clear up some issues regard homosexuality. Atter conquering almost all the people living in that area and conquered their city and wealth, something which was almost impossible for a nation of slaves, which have served over slavery for almost 430 years, after all the blessings I would suppose that the people were expecting a very demanding God with a long list of commandment, but instead of it Joshua said: “choose this day whom you will serve” (Js 24:15), in other words: “you are free”. Would make no sense God delivering them from Egypt, but keep them slave of His volition. 


How I do see homosexual fiiting in this tale? I think that Christ died for all men, the good ones and the bad ones, none could active salvation except by Christ. In Christ God make all of us free from the power of darkness, from the power of sin and from the power of our own desires. Well, our desires won’t go off, even that Jesus died on the cross for us, our desire is part of what we are. We all have desires, pure ones and silly ones, and a long with them we possess the freedom to choose the right or wrong things. Through Christ God conquered all things for us, and he lay it all in front of us and let we choose what to do, where to move, and when to go. I don’t believe that if we choose a way differen from what God expect us to follow a thunder light will fall upon our head, we are free to walk in any way we choose in our freedom. 


Nevertheless we must think back that each way we choose will not at the very end lead us to God or to be apart from him. We must be responsible and face the reality that it is a lie to assume that any path we take will lead us to God. Even so, God will always love us, even when we walk away from Him. I believe that all homosexuals deserve to be loved, respected and given their civil rights. 


None need to promote a crusade against them, we do not see that in the Bible. We must love, respect, embrace, share the good tidings with them in love and let them with God. I don’t think that we should close the church to them, but at the same time they must understand that the church recognize that live as homosexuals is contrary to what God expect from the church, and they need to abide by it and not force their way in. Now, if homosexuals and churches decided to fully embrace homosexuality, we must leave them in their freedom, knowing that we all will appear one day before Christ for judgment.


by Luis A R Branco


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