A very short note on homosexuality

I have been reading and considering the case of homosexuality and its implication towards the church. I have read books from both sides of the argument and I confess that it is very difficult to come out with a simple, clear and unified understanding in this matter. As a philosopher and theologian I have been concerned in the subject and try to ensure a clear and not compromised way to accommodate the reality of the homosexuality within the church perspective without compromise what the Bible has to say clearly about it. It’s not an easy issue to tackle.

I understand that slavery and women’s lower status was something part of people’s life in the Bible narratives and that somehow social situation as these might be brought up as comparison to the state of homosexuality not only in the Bible narrative, but also in the history itself. However, slavery and female domination were imposed somehow by society in certain time and as the society developed man were able to do the right thing and we see some development and paradigm shift within the church regard these two matters. In certain way there is an imposition to homosexuals as well throughout history, but not a definitive one because it was more a choice of being homosexual than an imposition, such as the slaves and women has to face. We cannot deny the existence of bulling, but it has to be extended to other cases as well.

Today, in most of the free and developed country homosexuality is a matter of choice or if we wish to appeal to biology, maybe some kind and yet unclear “gay gene”. This situation the church has to considerate as well and find out if there is a way out to accommodate, accept or tolerate (you choose the term) to deal with the homosexuality issue. One of the authors I read, sadly, used some Scripture improperly and made this statement: “We should also always remember that the author may have brought some of his ideas to the table too.” Such a statement is very harmful one to the Bible interpretation and is not the way to find a solution to this matter.

by Luis A R Branco


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