Our book


A few days ago we decided to lower the price of all our books in all formats up to 70%, leaving us with a profit margin (copyright) very low since the books were never a significant source of income in our budget family it was not so difficult. In fact, what we get from books is basically a ridiculous amount, especially considering donations of books we do regularly.

This year we were nearly five hundred donated books. It is even possible that you will find other cheap and even free books because we also benefit from it, but I guarantee you will be surprised at the price and the quality of our books, just check! The books we sell helps us in our pursuing studies.

Kind regards,

Luis A R Branco


  • My Simple Verses – $2.99
  • Small Portion: a Little Taste of Poetry – $1.99
  • Aphorism of a Ressless Soul – $1.99




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