Extraído do Google Imagens

Extraído do Google Imagens

I feel an immense yearning for you,
Miss to see you at that window
Puffing on your cigarette.
I miss walking down the stairs and see yourself standing there watching the night.

Looking at the dark of the night thinking, daydreaming, planning or regretting,
I will never know,
My first words were: “You need to quit smoking!”
And, you with a puzzled smile,
Answer: “One day I leave it” Liar, never left!

And what I feared has happened to you,
The cigarette has claimed your life, snatched you from us
And leaving a huge void, of your size.
How insensitive was me,

I never asked you why you smoked.
Maybe a hidden pain, a dream unrealized, perhaps a concern,
I will never know,
I imagined I knew everything and I limited myself to rebuke you,
Shameless boldness mine.
I’ll never know the answers to these questions.

I your annoying critic From you I got only smiles.
I regret!
Maybe I should have stoped at that place and smoked with you?
Or I could simply have been there with you at that window contemplating the black night.
Because I didn’t do so, now I am devoured by this longing that insists on staying.

I loved you without knowing how much,
Only today with this empty chest that I discovered the greatness of my love.
Nothing will be able to join us again at that window.
The window passed, I’ve passed, and you definitely you passed,
But today, in my heart I rediscovered you there and assured myself that I will not pick on your cigarette Yes, it was your assassin, but it was also a silent company while you contemplated the dark night,
Consumed in your thoughts.

by Luis A R Branco

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