Women’s traffic

A tear rolled down her face,
Rounded the cheek and accumulated in the chin.
No one put up a handkerchief to hold back her tears,
Not even a shoulder is given to her comfort.

Who weeps?
The girls robbed from their loved ones,
Sold, trafficked, raped and beaten,
Sexual objects of men who have been dehumanized by lust and become beasts dressed like man.

Who will discover from where the almost silent cry comes from?
Will someone seek the victim of this bestiality?
Will someone consider her story?
Will someone offer you help? Damn all men who bet a woman against her will! Let their souls burn in hell and his conscience never find peace!

Let’s hope for a glorious end for each dramatic story.
Let’s hope for the return of every woman to her land.
Let there be justice to fix the pain caused by this barbarism.
Let there be hope!

Until then I will weep with more than 800 000 women victims of this inhuman treatment!

por Luis A R Branco

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