Important notice about our books


After an analysis of our objectives and priorities, and an understanding with our publishers, we consider that we should reduce the prices of all our paper books, e-book and Kindle. It does not constitute a promotion, but a definite reduction ranging between 70% to 40% decrease in prices. How did we manage to do that? We reduced our copyrights to a lower limit.

We understand that our vocation includes building people through our publications and thus we do not want anyone to be prevented from acquiring our books due to the price. And so far we have made specific donations of books that have come to 500 copies.

Our prices are the ones that are available below, nonetheless, may be even cheaper on the pages of shops online at their own initiative, but never above the price set forth below.

By buying our books contribute to our work.

A big hug and good reading!

Luis A R Branco


  • My Simple Verses – $2.99
  • Small Portion: a Little Taste of Poetry – $1.99
  • Aphorism of a Ressless Soul – $1.99




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