Young girl

Posted on 9 de Julho de 2014



You’re so young, so beautiful, so confused, so woman.
Like a rose born unobtrusively,
Then it was you, you were born in the evening and in the morning you burgeon.
You would you still be unnoticed if it was not your perfume of young girl
Your sweet scent of blossom.

You’re so young, so beautiful, so determined, so insensitive.
As a woman who grew unnoticed,
So it was you who earlier met the color, the flavor and the force of freedom.
You are free, but you are still like the rose trapped in the ground,
And you are trapped by love.

You’re so young, so beautiful, so loving, so dear.
As a woman who has known love,
Then it was you, who have known suffering.
Thou art lover, you are loved, you are free and you are a slave.
Slave of your own girly hearth.

by Luis A R Branco

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