Alentejo, land of poets,
Land equal in this world is none.
Your dry and hard ground is the most perfect synonym of human spirit.
What is life if not a hardness and beauty?
A harmony between tears and laughter?

Alentejo, land of my relaxation,
Tranquil and serene, as if life here had found a way to stop time.
Almost nothing happens between sunrise and sundown,
In this land where there is no hurry the time goes past as we live.

Alentejo, before me I see a dead tree, scrub, cacti, oaks,
And on the other side see the vineyards, olive trees, blossoms and fruit trees.
What harmony! So much land, so much water. Oh My God what a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Alentejo, would my life in this country without the days when rested body and soul to you?
Many of your children left you for a variety of causes,
Notwithstanding, by love, I always return to you.

by Luis A R Branco

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