I wish…

Posted on 9 de Junho de 2014



I wish I had the hope of birds flying without the anxiety of tomorrow,
I wish I had the hope like the children with have fun even with empty boxes,
I wish I had the hope of old, which had already gone through all the cycles of life and are no longer in a hurry,

I wish I had hope in the goodness, but goodness has hidden from me in the shadows,
I wish I had hope in love, but love became indifferent,
I wish I had hope in life, but life fell in a deep asleep, a kind of Riley-Day syndrome have overtaking her making her losing her feelings.

I wish I had the eyes of eagle to see far away the dawn of a new era,
I wish I had my feelings stronger than it is so that it was at least I would be more humane,
I wish I had the firmest feet just to keep walking.


by Luis A R Branco


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