Dry Sand

There I was, man, formless, mindless, soulless, lifeless, I was nothing.
Everything in me was absence and emptiness,
As well described Moses, The Theopoet,
I was nothing more than “dry sand”.
Nevertheless, all it took was a handful of this dry sand to be grabbed; by the hand of the Creator,
And the existent came into being and all that was formless and empty, was shaped by those perfect hands and filled with his breath of life,
And what was dried became cells, bones, nerves, flesh, arteries, blood and skin.
And, the universe for the first time learned the sound of the beating of a human heart, This heart pumped blood through all parts of my being,
And like a dry land watered becomes blossom, so this handful of dust that was now flesh became life.
Today I’m dry sand watered daily by God,
I gained life, life that constantly calls for his grace that allows me to stay in this mystical state, until the Creator pours his handful of this dry sand again on the ground where this body be overthrown completely up back to dust. Beginning and end, some come and others go away, but the truth is that one day all who are will no longer be. Completely?
No, the light of consciousness never goes away because it was lit with everlasting fire.
What will I become?
I will be the existence of non-existent being, a living entity, an inhabitant of an intermittent world, where all is peace, all is joy, all is life and there is a continue activity.
There I will wait the for the same hands of my Creator to shape me again, And I will become body and spirit eternally, In a world where there is no pain, weeping and longing.
A world that will reinvent poetry,
A world where poetic sources are unlimited.
They say that there is another story of man, but a narrative that does not become poetry!

by Luis A R Branco

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