Inanimate Objects

Extraído do Google Imagens

Extraído do Google Imagens

I woke up one of these nights when we awaken hungry and went to the kitchen,
As I never walk alone, even at home, I took with me a book, a pen and a notebook,
I sat in the kitchen and started eating cereal with milk and banana.
Complete silence if not for the cereal that once bitten moaned between my teeth.
The mind gets tired, but do not stop, and there surrounded by inanimate objects was led to so many moments in my life that have passed and are no more,
No, they do exist, but in a different way: There are at present memory something that reminds me that neither today nor tomorrow will be able to erase.
In fact, there is nothing able to take away from me these moments so that I don´t feel my memories,
My feelings make of my past a contemporaneous action and of my future a reality. I’II be there, here and beyond.

The banana reminded me of the old man Tiao, my father, who got aged without me noticing it and died without I expect … banana … how many times I saw my old man eating them with bread.
The warm milk makes me just think about my mother, always with a kindly cup of milk late at night so that I wouldn´t go to bed with an empty stomach.
The silence reminds me of many voices which I don´t longer hear.
There in the distance I see a dark room, looks empty from where I´m sitting, but we just need to turn on the light to see everything that’s there, the future is like that dark and apparently emptiness, awaiting for us so that at the right time the lights will be turned on and we will be absorbed by surprise.
Our present is a constant darkness, apparently filled with things that surround us and that we imagine that they are real while hiding the reality behind them the imaginary and illusion, of inanimate things, but it takes is a spark of light, to find out what actually surrounds us.

The milk, the cereal and the banana has disappeared, the pen and the notebook joined together to write these verses.
Gradually even things even without life surrender to the silence of hours.
But I still have before me a book, a friend with a sweet and silent speech, while awaiting for my sleep, the book invites me for a journey, to the future or to the past I do not know that doesn’t matter because for those with a soul is always present.

by Luis A R Branco

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