Sadhu Sundar Singh


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I have just finished reading Sadhu Sundar Singh‘s book “Wisdon of a Sadhu”. Sundar Singh is a picture of a Christianwho is, in the likeness of Christ. I know of no other Christian that could express so much the image of Jesus Christ. Since I have lived in India, I can understand well his quote: “In India, one feels everywhere – even through idols and altars, pilgrims and penitents, temples and tanks – that there is a desire for higher things. In the a war West, however, everything points to armed force, ning to the west great power, and material things.”

by Luis A R Branco


“There is a deep and natural craving in the human heart that can be satisfied nowhere except in God. Our being in this world is a test, a preparation for the deepest state of spiritual communion. But most of us, suppressing our deepest longings and disdaining God, seek satisfaction from this world. Such a path can lead only to despair.”
― Sundar Singh


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