Friendship never ends


Friendship is a mysterious encounter that takes place in the soul, 
in my soul and yours simultaneously like if we’re soul mates. 
When friendship reaches the mystical level of this meeting,
 their given hands are never separated again.

There is nothing more beautiful than friendship,
 it overshadows all other beauties that exist around us. 
Friendship is an indivisible light, majestic, to which all other lights folds.

In friendship we have the unique possibility of plebeians to enjoy the feelings of royalty. 
In friendship the souls crowned each other, in friendship we are all kings and queens, in friendship we are all special,
 in friendship there is only goodness.

Friendship knows no color, nationality, race and social level,
Friendship knows no age and gender,
 friendship knows no distance. It is never too far away to someone in love.

True friendship follows us throughout our whole life,
 true friendship knows no end of the road,
 true friendship is immortalized in the meeting that took place in the soul, and now, even without seeing you, we go our own way hand in hand,
 in our realm that is an everlasting spring.

by Luis A R Branco

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