Types of love

Extracted from Google Images

Extracted from Google Images

The Apostle wrote that “love never fails.”

But what type of love he was talking about?

There are so many types of love; however, I believe that there are four types of loves that can be found in a relationship: the type of love that is newly born, the type of love that survive, and the types of love that get sick and die.

The type of love that is newly born is like a flower of an orchid place at the window of our house, so lovely, yet so fragile.

The type of love that survives is a wild flower that grows in the field and gets the strength to face the storms which strike life.

The type of love that get sick is a flower left in the vase which was forgotten in a corner of the house, and will gradually die for the lack of water, affection and attention.

The type of love that dies is a cutoff flower, sprang from the ground and that is no longer alive and is a flower just used for decoration, aestheticized, with the help of water it can be kept the lush appearance, but soon death takes every inch of its being and it is finally discarded.

The philosophy of a love that never ends, added to neglection of the loved one is the cause of many frustration in relationships.

by Luis A R Branco

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