What does it matter?

Posted on 5 de Abril de 2014


Lost and Confused Signpost

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I wish I had the ability to always smile, 

Not that I’m sad, but because I am a living soul smiling continuously was forbidden for me from time to time. 

I wish I had the ability to always make you smile,

Not that I only make you cry, but because I’m a body I was prevented from this privilege from time to time.

I want to make sure that I know what happiness is all about, 

Not that I’m unhappy, but because I am a man, this assurance does not exist in me. 

I want to make sure I could say that I make you happy, 

Not that I make you unhappy, but because I am limited I cannot read your mind, your heart or your soul and therefore I live with uncertainty.

I wish that life had only one route through which passed all men with their joys and sorrows, happiness and unhappiness, certainties and uncertainties, so at least we would all be in one direction, a single destination, one way, 

But life is a crossroads of many paths, all alike, but all pointing in different directions.

Which path to take? In what direction should I follow? Who will go with me on this path? 

What does it matter? As the poet said, “How many things one must ignore in order to act!” So I’ll close my eyes and follow forward in any of these destinations, without been scary and without fear of making a mistake, if I can prevent myself from such feelings, 

And I hope that at some point in my walk I might say as the Psalmist had said: “… thy hand lead me, And thy right hand shall hold me.”

by Luis A R Branco


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