It has been so long since I had wore a watch,
I left it purposely guarded, and do not know where.
The watch is new and good,
One of these days I will find it in a drawer somewhere.
My friend, one of those closest than a brother,
He bought me a watch in Miami, expensive,
I refused the gift. I don’t want watch.
A good gift to a poet is a pen and a Moleskine.
Since I left the watch, I abandoned the urgency.
When it arrives, it has arrived, when it leaves, it has left.
The time I cannot say, he comes when he wanted, and departed when he wanted,
Since I left the watch, I abandoned the anxiety.
Yes, I have problems with time, there were times when I arrived after the time and left after the proper time,
I have missed class, medical appointment, visiting, among other things, but if it had to be there only on that particular time, why they created the reschedule?
The physical, emotional and spiritual damage caused by time is much greater than the damage of missing the time.
So I stopped being worried about the time and I started to observe when it is the moment.
That’s when I discovered the moment!
The moment stands between seconds, minutes and hours, where it hides with happiness, tranquility, peace and the people we love most.
I became more human when I became free from the tyranny of time.
My first watch was a Mondaine, gorgeous, numbers and a white background.
I do not care any more how the last watch will look like, I will no longer buy watches and hopefully will not receive any,
When people talk to me about watch I just say that I have one already, but I need pens and Moleskines.
The time which once was a disease for me, today is nothing.
It is enough for me to know what day it is, when classes start and get over, it is enough for me to just know the moment someone arrived and when he is gone, just to know that it’s morning, afternoon or evening.
My time is not money,
My time is living the intermediate moments,
My time is life.

by Luis A R Branco 

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