The eyes

Posted on 19 de Março de 2014




The eyes hides endless secretes,
These secrets that are discovered over the time only by those who love,
When I was a child, my mother had an unmistakable look, it was rebuking or warmth.
My father’s look was enough to denounce everything which was wrong. It did not take a word, just the look.

The eyes reveals the condition of the spirit ,
The eyes is the window to the soul ,
The eyes always denounces me, if I’m right, wrong, true or false, if I’m happy or sad.
Everything transpires in the eyes!
The eyes enables us to penetrate the soul of another without touching him, just go in, look around and walk away.
The eyes are magical.

The eyes reveals the feelings, peace, worry, joy, sadness, love or hate,
Everything transpires in the eyes!
The eyes shows us if a love is genuine,
The eyes shows us that if the friendship is true,
The eyes shows us the extent of pain or joy.
The eyes does not talk, but communicates transcendent reality of a being.

In love the eyes reveals intensity,
The eyes shows dissatisfaction for the lover,
The eyes shows how much we need and depend on each other,
The eyes shows where we have been negligent in love,
The eyes reveals desire, passion and will to possess the other inexplicablely.
Everything transpires in the eyes!
The sex look is the undeniable response to the other showing how good it was,
The eyes, oh the eyes…

by Luis A R Branco 

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