My addiction


My addiction?
Is loving you madly, without conceiving the possibility of living without you.
Is loving you above everything and everyone, only God is above our love.
Is loving you as the one I want deep and desperately.

My addiction?
Is desiring you earnestly, as if my body would die without yours.
Is desiring you blindly without noticing your faults.
Is desiring you as the one who looks for you everywhere.

My addiction?
Is looking for you here, there, and everywhere.
Is looking for you every second you go out of my sight, in despair that you might leave and never come back.
Is looking for you without stopping, to rediscover you completely, body and soul to surrender myself to you.

My addiction is holy and profane, slave and free, selfish and altruistic,
My addiction is contradictory, to retain and give away, to love and hate, to desire and despise,
My addiction is healthy, yes, a healthy addiction, because if there is one, this would be my love for you.

by Luis A R Branco

You can get a book with my poems here:

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