The Simplicity of Grace

simplicidadeSome time ago something interesting happened, I was sitting in the room when the phone rang, it was Brazil, my home church, my pastor actually wanting to talk to me and find out more about some of the struggles through which we passed and to pray for us. I could not talk in the living-room because the girls were here doing their daily uproar, so I went to my bedroom. As I opened my heart and shared my struggles, I noticed the little eyes of my daughter, who was five at the time, watching me, until they are gone away, and I proceeded narrating my painful situation. That’s when I got a hug on my legs, given by this same daughter.

Without realizing what was happening and that insensitivity of a busy father I sent her away from there, but she came back and grabbed it stronger still and stared at me in the eye with the most beautiful smile in the world but I still did not realize what was happening and absorbed by the phone conversation, continued sharing my pain with the bravery of a wounded soldier. When I felt those skinny little arms curl up again in my legs and the same look and smile, that was when I realized that she also noticed my pain. She stood there, clutching my leg with the strongest hug that she was able give and stared at me with a look and a smile that communicated a hope that I no longer felt for a long time.

In those few seconds between a hug and a word on the phone I discovered an invisible door that led me directly to the presence of God where I could understand a little bit more, just a little bit more of his grace. The hug of my daughter and her beautiful smile penetrated my soul, loose chains that bound me, slapped the executioners who mistreated me. At that time my daughter, with all its simplicity, was a messenger of the Eternal God saying to me: “Do not be afraid, I know your struggles, I have the solution you need.”

This is what the Scripture says: “From the lips of children… firmest your name as a fortress… ” (Psalm 8:2 ) . At that time I felt that smile was a demonstration of God’s grace. It was the affirmation of God´s strength and power. The grace of God is so powerful that he doesn’t need any weapons or sophistications of artifact to impress anyone. Its simplicity is more powerful than principalities and powers. The look and smile from my daughter made me remember the time as a child when we use to scorn the oppositor. I felt that my daughter’s hug was a sign of the grace and power of God showed in simplicity at the face of my oppressors. It was like if she was telling me: “Dad, I’m here, everything will be okay! ” Actually it was a cuddle from God telling me: “Fear not, little flock” ( Lk 12:32). I approached her face and heard her sweet and soft voice telling me: “Daddy, I love you!” These words brought to my heart unspeakable peace. It’s amazing when God decides to show us his power, his grace and his love to us, he does not use the figure of a superhero, but the simplicity of a child (Ps. 8:2) or gentle breeze (Kings 19:12).

Soon my daughter went her way to keep playing and I found the door to return to conversation that unfolded on the phone, but that was soon concluded with a prayer and my heart rested in peace.

by Luis A R Branco

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