The Essence of God

Sunday for me is a day of worship,IMG_0226

As all the days of the week.

But Sunday for me smells like God.

Is it a heresy? After all isn’t God a spirit? Spirit smells?

Well, even though I try to explain myself, some will continue to call me a heretic,

However, Sunday for me smells like God.


How God’ smells like?

God smells like people, those who gather to worship him,

God smells like my neighbor who sat next to me in church,

God smells like the people I met on the road or left at home

God smells like the whole paraphernalia which we find the place of worship,

God smells like a book, yes, the Holy Book which is read in and explained to us,

God smells like faith, hope, love, encouragement, admonition, comfort,

God smells like generosity,

God smells like bread and wine,

God smells like family together

God smells, but it is not a single aroma, instead it is multitudinous,

Word that I took out Italian.

This is the very essence which is found only in God.

by Luis A R Branco

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