walking-out-the-doorLast night I dreamed of my late father ,
He was coming in the door when our whole family was together.
I cannot explain the mystery of such an appearance,
Anyway, dreams are mostly inexplicable. At first, it was a cheerful time for all of us,

Then we begin to wonder if it were not consummated death or resurrection.
The joy soon gave way to a series of questions, questions like: “How could you do this to us?”
Asking question is a human thing, as well as the mistakes and sin.

The question session soon became a moment of resentment ,
We were all resentful of the living dead, instead of enjoying its nostalgic presence.
Then he turned and went out again, but before leaving he told us: ” For queries, you have the living and those that never left!”
So he disappeared without leaving a trace of himself.

In this dream I’ve learned three things :

We do not even know how enjoy the joy life without making it sad at some point.
We injure the living that are here and the dead that have gone.
If the dead do not come back maybe, it is because heaven or hell it must be better than here?

by Luis A R Branco

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