Undoubtedly one of the greatest privileges we had over the years, personally, as well as community, is to be able to welcome in our ministry, missionary, seminary students and pastors. People who in one way or another God brought you to us, to be blessed, but also to bless us.

In a brief count in the last eight years in this morning I counted there a total of fourteen people, seven of whom are still with us and the others went their ways and are developing fruitful ministries in the Lord and we still maintain with them a deep bond of Christian love.

How wonderful was for us to host them and to take part in their lives personally and also as community, a healthy relationship of unpretentious interdependence. We have a deep love for these fellows and we praise God for the privilege of walking parts of the path with each of them. My prayer this morning is that the Eternal God will continue to bring or get these people in our midst, because walk with others is much more fun!

by Luis A R Branco


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