Mercy triumphs over judgment


One of these mornings while reading the Epistle of James, jumped out at me this wonderful statement of the brother of our Lord: “To show mercy is better than to judge.” (James 2:13) . This statement follows the sequence of thought of James on the importance of not doing anything partiality, not prefer one over the other and honor one and despise the other.

Soon after my Bible reading I read a news magazine where I read the story of the little Mong Thongdee a stateless boy of twelve , who thrilled the world when he was prevented by the Thai authorities to participate in the world championship of paper airplanes for not having a defined nationality . The little Mong Thongdee wept so that made the authorities involved in this matter to reconsider and allowed him to participate in the championship, where he finished in 3rd place. Immediately came to mind following text: ” You have taught children and nursing infants to give you praise. Their silence your enemies who were seeking revenge. ” (Psalm 8:2 – NLB).

It is amazing how we humans create such stupid laws, laws that prevent humans identical to us of enjoying the privilege of being alive and throwing away paper airplane. Such stupidity is so amazing that it makes me cry and look forward to be in heaven, where identifications and passport are useless. Their mercy triumphs over judgment, while here on earth men just tries to enforce stupid judgment against his neighbour. But a crying boy moved heaven once more and changed destiny.

A little boy who wanted to play with paper airplanes cried, and the Bible says: “Then God heard the boy’s cries” (Gen. 21:17 – NLT) . What a lesson of strength! Simplicity triumphed over power and mercy over judgment. Mong Thongdee today I’m crying with the millions of stateless people in the world. One day, in God’s kingdom we will play games with paper airplanes together.

by Luis A R Branco


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