I am humam


Today, now I’m ‘ fully human!

What is this? I know it may seem redundant,

But I am flesh, mind, soul and spirit.

Flesh that feels pain and pleasure

A rebellious flesh that wants the path of mere satisfaction.

A nasty flesh, given to gluttony.

Flesh that has limits , that does not fly , nor walk under water ,

Flesh that walks towards death, the inevitable human destiny.

I am a thinking mind , who forgets and complicates , who understands and clarifies

A mind that memories that should have already been forgotten ,

A fragile mind that gets sick and disturbed.

A mind that has limits , and know nothing amid all that I know ,

A mind that is being erased with time until return to be a blank sheet.

I am a soul that feels , feels the invisible and transcendent ,

A loving soul, a hateful soul, la soul that loves and hates.

A confused soul, easily deceived, dependent and needy.

I am a soul that cries due to my invisible wound and I also smile due to the intangible pleasure.

I am a soul that walks daily to my eternal sleep.

I’m a spirit that seeks the infinity, immaterial and eternal ,

I’m a spirit that hungers and thirsts for God, am spirit that fears God.

I’m confused, deceived by an evil spirit.

I’m a spirit that strives to understand how I came to be and how possible it is that I will disappear no more?

I’m a spirit waiting for a voice call, and for the hand of an angel that will return me to my owner.

I am this weird braid formed of body, mind, soul and spirit ,

I am the all three inseparably.

How is it possible? How to deal with such a mystery?

I have already abandoned my search, I realised that not everything has to understand ,

I just wish in this moment,

Be a real human being.

by Luis A R Branco

I offer my poems for free, but if you buy a book will really help me.



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